Jessie Helps

Jessie Helps

This is an erotic fantasy in which a married researcher watches her husband with another woman. The husband has long been ashamed of his diminutive size. In order to solve his problem, his wife devised a means to fix it. However, her fix spirals out of control and its effects are far beyond what the researcher ever imagined. The researcher, Dr. Susan Mitchell, developed a growth formula. However, Susan neglected to consider what effect alcohol would have on her formula. She surreptitiously slips the formula into her husband David's drink and unknowingly exposes busty student Jessie O'Malley as well. Susan watches David and Jessie turn into giants before her very eyes! This story shares some similarities with the author's work "Johnny Helps." However, this story differs in that it details the pleasure a wife receives from watching her husband's intimate relations with another woman. Toward the end of the story another person joins the proceedings and a fantastic orgy takes place!

Sixteen written pages not counting the cover page.

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